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I will be adding more to this post later. Here is a brief:

Jason Syrek use to own CAS Resources with his ex-wife, a company Suzanne Burrow worked for. CAS Resources was closed, and he went to work for Direct HR Services opened by Suzanne Burrow, which opened around the 2010 year. Interestingly enough, this Syrek person seemed to have shared assets and property with the Burrow woman. Ealier this month, Syrek was sentenced to six years in prison by the FBI/IRS and ordered to repay $13 million + in restitution to the IRS and Blue Cross Blue Shield. And last year the FBI seized several of Syrek's vehicles, a boat etc. Syrek was also in prison a few years ago for crimes somewhat similar in nature, just a lesser dollar amount stolen. Syrek and Burrow have ties back to Adrian, MI & Holmes Beach, FL.

More facts and evidence will be provided here soon. To learn more, google any of the following strings:

direct hr services jason syrek

jason syrek sentencing

jason syrek fbi

suzanne burrrow fbi

cas resources suzanne burrow

cas resources jason syrek

jason syrek adrian

suzanne burrow adrian cas resources

and here are a couple links to get you started:










Syrek's old website was casresources.com and burrow's new website is directhrservices.com

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Vero Beach, Florida, United States #950692

CAS Resources, DirectHR Services and AYS Employee Leasing --- Run!

Employees of CAS and Direct HR (Andrew, Mike and friends) reopen under a new company name:

AYS Employee Leasing

Vero Beach, FL

(772) 360-4195



Direct HR was rendering Workers' Comp --PEO services-- to my friend's staffing company in a particular state when in fact they opened a policy for the workers comp in the staffing company's name instead of their own.So if someone had been hurt or filed for unemployment the liability would've defaulted to the staffing company not the PEO Direct HR as it should have.

They also did not pay the staffing company's annual Workers' Comp taxes in a different state for 2013.

Great people!They continue to impress post Syrek.


We had health insurance with AHA as a client of CAS Resources.The insurance has not paid the last few claims of 2013 sticking us with the bill.

Do you know if this fraud has any bearing on these claims not being paid.Is there a connection?

to ***fused #785229

What reason is the insurance co giving for not paying the claims? Are they saying the policy was still in effect?

to Anonymous #785676

The Policy was in effect.They did pay a small amount.

They were supposed to pay 100% because I reached my maximum out of pocket for 2013. They have sited some arbitrary clause that says they can pay UCR (If they can get off cheaper that way) instead of repricing it under PPO and paying the correct percentage.

They just arbitrarily started doing this towards the end of 2013.I have appealed.

to ***fused #786641

It sounds like this is an insurance co issue, not an an issue as a result of Jason Syrek's fraud. I would contact your state's Department of Insurance.

to ***fused #801645

it seems like more is at play and more people would need to be involved than just jason syrek and what he got caught on. not sure how cas is still open giving you service in 2013.


Direct HR Services Inc Holmes Beach FL will finally begin to feel the pressure of my efforts to force government to investigate their company.I'm sure they may be wondering ....

where are all the complaints from this internet person. Well thanks to the holidays the fraud complaint was delayed, but not any longer.

And I was waiting for the fraud complaint investigation to be launched to send in the DBPR and other complaints.

Direct HR, I'm going to make sure your 2014 year is fantastic.; )

to Heisenberg #824581

Any update on this?

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #765145

I am gathering info and would like to share stories with you.We are with Direct HR currently and it has been a real challenge (nightmare).

How can we connect directly and confidentially? I can't find a link to email anyone directly...

Also, the time schedule is really important...Whatever anyone can do would be a great help!

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